Pro Photography Network

The Best Photographers For Every Event


Specializing in Editorial, Commercial, Real Estate, Journalism, Weddings, On-Site Events, Sports, Portraits, PR Events and Photo Editing, Pro Photography Network is available from Los Angeles to New York and almost all places in between.

Realizing that there was strength in numbers, a group of former Los Angeles Times photographers have banded together to form Pro Photography Network—a coalition of seasoned professionals ready to tackle a wide variety of assignments. The network is the brainchild of Matt Randall, a 22-year veteran of the Times who was Photo Department Operations Manager and Financial Operations Manager for all the Times' Foreign Bureaus.

Contact Matt Randall for all of your photographic needs. He'll find the right photographer for your job.

Please check out our colleagues at, an easy-to-navigate site for finding highly skilled newspaper veterans interested in taking on freelance assignments. All members are former Los Angeles Times staffers.