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About Us

Realizing that there was strength in numbers, a group of former Los Angeles Times photographers banded together to form Pro Photography Network, a coalition of seasoned professionals ready to tackle a wide variety of assignments. The network is the brainchild of Matt Randall, a 22-year veteran of the Times who was Photo Department Operations Manager and Financial Operations Manager for all the Times' foreign bureaus.

Our photographers include a Pulitzer Prize winner and a nominee, renowned sports photographers and a vast array of other photographers who covered anything from Presidents to the Oscars. Our network includes photographers across the country, all consummate professionals who bring years of experience to each assignment and know how to think on their feet, size up a situation and deliver dynamic images that tell a story.

This talented group of photographers and photo editors have honed their skills working under pressure of tight deadlines in a constantly changing landscape of roadblocks both physical and bureaucratic. They have covered wildfires, political campaigns, sports championships, temperamental celebrities and angry mobs. With Matt's logistical expertise and the cool-under-fire attitude of the photographers, no job is too big and no problem insurmountable. After years on the photo staff of one of the top newspapers in the country, they have learned to deliver at the highest level, combining professionalism and artistry. 

Now they are ready to put their experience to work for magazine, corporate and editorial assignments, not only with photography, but in conceptualizing coverage, brainstorming ideas and dealing with the logistics of big assignments, all with crisp photo editing that finds the decisive moment for the most impact.