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A portrait of Matt Randall

Matt Randall

Supervised logistics for Editorial Photo operations for a staff of over 85 Photographers, Photo Editors and Imaging Specialists. Directed daily management functions, tech systems, and business process/infrastructure affairs for a diverse worldwide 24/7 operation. Responsibilities included scheduling, training, budget operations, equipment management, telecom contracts, etc. Planned and coordinated major events such as Olympics, Grammy's, Emmys, Political Events, etc. 22 years at The Los Angeles Times; Photographer, Imaging Specialist, Operations Manager (Photo), Financial Operations Manager (Foreign Bureaus), Operations and Technology Manager (News Operations).


California (Northern)

A portrait of Robert Durell

Robert Durell

Robert Durell is a versatile photographer based in Northern California who has depicted the region in all its visual glory for the last decade as a photojournalist for the Los Angeles Times. Now, in his freelance career, he brings to corporate, political and editorial clients the same efficiency, professionalism, eye for storytelling and indefatigable energy that epitomized his journalism career. Adept in Adobe Photoshop, multimedia and conversationally fluent in Spanish, Robert is equally comfortable in the 3 C-note restaurant as he is sharing crackers and peanut butter with firefighters inside the fire line.

A portrait of Penni Gladstone

Penni Gladstone

Penni has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize—twice. She is a documentary photojournalist, a destination photographer and tells a story with dramatic artistic vision. She has been on the photography staff at the Los Angeles Times, San Jose Mercury, and San Francisco Chronicle.

Her clients include News Week, Fortune, Apple, People, Marie Claire, and Vogue. Penni shoots with ease on assignment in Africa, or a CEO in Silicon Valley. She has been to Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and Alaska on assignment.

She loves spontaneity, and adventure. She rides a Vespa and drives a Porsche very fast. She is an epicurean, loves nature and a luxury hotel. Penni makes her home in Marin County.


California (Southern)

A portrait of Greg Andersen

Greg Andersen

I’m a 20-year veteran photojournalist with extensive experience in documentary photography including sports, celebrities, news events and everyday life. Daily assignments I’ve covered over the past two decades offered me hundreds of photographic situations to document, edit, present to editors, and have published in the following day’s newspaper. The majority of my work has been in and around the greater Los Angeles area but also includes sections of Orange and Riverside Counties. My approach to every photographic situation is to produce remarkable images that move the viewer in a positive way and tell the story at hand.

A portrait of Nancy Newman

Nancy Newman

Incorporating documentary photojournalism style photography, with a keen understanding of her client's business marketing objectives, Nancy Newman moves seamlessly between corporate, editorial, marketing and public relations events, fashion, sports, and special family moments. With more than 20 years of experience, Nancy Newman's work is extensive, varied, and award-winning.

She spent more than 10 years as a working photojournalist for several newspapers in the Greater Los Angeles area, photographing such moments as the Super Bowl, the Academy Awards, and four United States Presidents.

Nancy, a 1989 graduate of the University of La Verne, graduated with departmental honors, and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism, with an emphasis in photojournalism. She continues to devote her energies to furthering the craft of photography. And was elected by her fellow photographers to serve 3 years as the President of the Press Photographers Association of Greater Los Angeles, and spent another 8 years on the Board of Directors. She also serves on the ULV Photography Department Advisory Board. Her work has been published in more than 17 countries, and she has received numerous awards and recognitions from the National Press Photographers Association, Los Angeles Press Club, PPAGLA, the California Press Photographers Association and others.

A portrait of Jayne Oncea

Jayne Oncea

Jayne Oncea worked over 25 years at the Los Angeles Times. During those years she wore many hats including photo editor, pre-presser and most notably, staff photographer. She moved to central Oregon in 2006 where she started a photography business, FAST JAYNE PHOTOGRAPHY. She does everything from senior portraits, youth sports, T & I (team and individual), real estate, weddings and you name it. Jayne also has a state-of-the-art custom trailer with computers, dye-sub printers and touch screen monitors for on-site events and sports. On-site events would include anything from New Years Eve parties, Little League All-Stars and Barrel Racing to Mud Volleyball Tournaments.

Some of her major assignments included: first night landing of the Space Shuttle, Olympics, two World Series, six NBA Championships, the Stanley Cup in Montreal, Heavyweight title bouts in Las Vegas, the Cannes Film Festival, and the Academy, Grammy, and Emmy Awards. She photographed movie shoots on location such as The Jewel of the Nile in Morocco. Assigned to photograph in the courtroom for major court cases as the Night Stalker, Menendez Brothers and the Bundy trial. When assigned to Fernando Valenzuela’s wedding in the Yucatan, she drove with the groom and his bodyguard to the church followed by the local paparazzi!

A portrait of Steve Osman

Steve Osman

"Like most photographers, I came to this business early and never left. I began taking serious pictures in high school and went on to study photojournalism in college. I got a taste of the technical side of photography while working as a commercial printer in a professional lab.

In 1985 I was hired by the Los Angeles Times. I've covered a wide range of stories throughout California and around the world. My photojournalism background has trained me to think and act fast, fast enough not to miss that fleeting look or smile you want to preserve in you memories. Along with weddings, I also specialize in formal portraits."

A portrait of Julie Rogers

Julie Rogers

Julie Rogers is a Southern California freelance photographer with over 20 years of experience. She specializes in capturing discrete moments of emotion, beauty, and joy. Her work has appeared in newspapers including the Los Angeles Times, San Jose Mercury News, San Francisco Chronicle, Contra Costa Times, Riverside Press-Enterprise and the Bakersfield Californian among others. She is available for weddings, portraits, news and features. She is also available for web design and video editing.


Jake Roth

Jake Roth was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL before being stationed at Hickam Air Force Base, in Honolulu, HI as an imagery analyst. After he got out of the air force in 2002, Jake moved to San Diego, CA. and began photographing models before deciding to take his passion for photography more seriously and enrolling in photo school at Daytona State College, in Daytona Beach, FL. While in school, he started freelancing for the Associated Press as well as working on his personal project, "Pathways", a conceptual art nude series that he still adds to, during his down time between assignments for USA Today Sports Images. Jake currently resides in Carlsbad, CA, covering a wide-range of sporting events, from the collegiate to professional levels.

A portrait of Iris Schneider

Iris Schneider

Iris Schneider is a photojournalist who cut her teeth documenting people on the streets of New York. She worked as a photographer and writer for The New York Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Los Angeles Times. She moved from Manhattan to become a staff photographer for the Los Angeles Times in 1980. Now freelancing again, she has worked on a yearlong documentary project for the Ralph M. Parsons Foundation, shot assignments for The New York TImes, The Wiesenthal Center and recently completed a photographic mural based on Hugo Ballin's 1929 mural work at the architectural landmark Wilshire Boulevard Temple.

At the LA Times, Iris was the photo editor of several feature sections including Home, Travel and Weekend Calendar and shared the Angus McDougall Award from the POYi competition for Overall Excellence in Editing with her colleagues for several consecutive years. She has been an LATimes photo editor for the Oscars and more recently at the Michael Jackson Memorial at Staples Center for the New York Times.

A portrait of Lori Shepler

Lori Shepler

For over 25 years, Lori Shepler has captured moments of grace, passion, and excitement for the people of Los Angeles as a prize winning photographer for the LA Times.

Lori has a unique insight to the photographic world that makes her work look easy. She can capture the essence of a storm, a moment of perfect grace in a dance, or a tender, love-filled glance from a husband to his new bride, as a professional pianist can move our hearts with a few simple chords.

Her pictures speak volumes. With three Pulitzer Prizes won with her colleagues at the LA Times, for their work on the LA Riots, the San Diego Fires, and the ’89 Earthquake, her work has earned the highest degree of professional validation three times over.

A portrait of Karen Tapia

Karen Tapia

The Los Angeles Times recently nominated Karen Tapia for a Pulitzer Prize regarding her iconic single photograph from the California Wildfires of 2007. She also shares in a team Pulitzer for her coverage on the 1992 Riots. A native Californian, she has been a full-time staff photographer for the Los Angeles Times the past 18 years.

Over the years she has won numerous awards covering local and national news events, professional sports, celebrity portraiture, feature photography and documentary work. She also has expertise in formal portraiture, architectural, and product photography and enjoys documenting weddings. Karen has always had a deep sense of loyalty, dedication and passion for her photography. She approaches every assignment with enthusiasm, integrity, and confidence sprinkled with lightness and humor. She is a happy individual, ambitious, hard working and a major team player with strong ethics and values that she has maintained throughout her photojournalism career. She is adept at Adobe Photoshop, Photo Mechanic, and Macintosh Computer Platforms, editing, captioning, archiving and on location electronic transmissions.

Karen is available to cover your assignments whether it is a family portrait, a child’s sporting event, product photography, or your special wedding day.

A portrait of Spencer Weiner

Spencer Weiner

Spencer is an award-winning photographer based in Santa Barbara & Venice, California.

I specialize in poetic, wonderfully quirky photographs: Portraits, Documentary Photojournalism, Travel and Corporate/Advertising photography. I enjoy seeing art in daily life.

I judge a photograph successful if it reveals the heart of the subject, creates a reaction, helps the viewer feel something, revealing a truth, sometimes, a heart-wrenching truth.

My 23-year career has allowed me to witness history, and intimate moments in regular peoples' lives. I have documented everything from the impact of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans, to Jazz clubs in Cairo.

There's no economic or sociopolitical boundary I am not interested in crossing, my images have been featured in magazines and newspapers all over the world as a Staff photographer for the Los Angeles Times between 1993-2009. In 2004 I was a member of the Los Angeles Times Pulitzer for Breaking News Reporting of the Southern California Wildfires. Previously I worked for the New York Times Regional Newspaper group in Florida and Georgia.

Studies included Fine Art Photography and Photojournalism at the University of Florida and Political Science and Religious Studies at Jerusalem Institute, Israel.



A portrait of Ellen Jaskol

Ellen Jaskol

I started my career as a photographer at the Los Angeles Times, for about nine years, and then moved to Denver in 1992. For the past 16 years I've been a staff photographer and photo editor at the Rocky Mountain News. In the past decade, I've earned two Pulitzer Prizes with our photo staff in 2000 and 2003, and was recently voted Best Photographer at the paper by my peers (2008). But the world changed and the Rocky closed in February, 2009. Denver lost a great paper. I’ve forged ahead with my own freelance photography business, and I’m actually liking it. A lot.

I've had more than 25 years of experience shooting a wide range of subjects including, but not limited to, corporate and personal portraits, architecture and design, business, products, fashion, food, conceptual photos, restaurants, weddings, maternity, seniors, families, children and pets. The newspaper business has trained me well…

Among the gazillion lessons I've learned over the years: I approach every photo shoot as an opportunity to make it my best ever and to make the client happy. I can turn around a shoot as fast as necessary. I’m all digital (who isn’t), with all new shiny Nikons that make really big files. I can transmit, upload, download, photoshop, and make photos look really pretty.



A portrait of Andrew Innerarity

Andrew Innerarity

Miami-based freelance photojournalist Andrew Innerarity has completed award-winning photojournalism, portraiture and adventure travel assignments around the world.

After 4 successive photography internships at the Miami Herald and 2 at the Los Angeles Times, I held staff photography positions at the Miami Herald, The Atlanta Bureau of the Associated Press, the St Petersburg Times, and the Houston Chronicle. During more than 20 years in photography, I have completed assignments in photojournalism, portraiture, sports and adventure travel assignments around the world.

Photographs of military operations and feature assignments in Iraq and Saudi Arabia, Opium eradication stories in Afghanistan's Oruzgan Province, coverage of the state of Vietnam 25 years after the end of U.S. Military involvement there, Papal trips to Cuba and Mexico, U.S. Presidential Campaigns and portraits of the United States' best chances for Olympic championship are among the more memorable events in my career that have prepared me for assignments that range from civil unrest in foreign countries to beach weddings in Miami.

My awards include a magazine assignment during my term at the Eddie Adams Workshop, and
selection to be one of 90 photojournalists invited to celebrate Life Magazine staff photographer, director of Shaft, poet, author and composer, Gordon Park's 90th birthday.



A portrait of Kevin Casey

Kevin Casey

Seattle photojournalist Kevin P. Casey was drawn to the still camera at an early age taking his Dad’s heavy-duty Canon FT QL to capture his best friend airborne on a Huffy bike from Sears ill equipped for stunts. Kevin's fascination with documenting people and events has earned him numerous awards and taken him on assignments across the globe. In addition to ongoing projects he is working on he spends time photographing the Saint Joseph Ballet in Orange County California regularly. And he still enjoys the excitement of freezing the artists flying through air.

Whether it's photographing war in the Middle East, whale hunting in the Russia’s easternmost region or Major League Baseball hopefuls in the Dominican Republic, Kevin has endeavored to capture images that are both compelling and intimate.

An honors graduate of the School of Visual Communications at Ohio University, Kevin began his photojournalism career at the nearby Akron Beacon Journal. From there, he moved west to the Los Angeles Times, and covered a wide range of National and International stories for more than a decade.


Washington, D.C.

A portrait of Paul Morse

Paul Morse

Paul Morse is a Washington, D.C. based corporate photographer. With an approach to image making that employs a sensitivity to the delicacies of light and a masterful understanding of space and form, Paul's unique talent enables him to produce striking photographs that succinctly communicate through a language of artfulness and craft.

Paul’s subtle, confident approach has earned him the trust of the President and other world leaders while working at the White House as Deputy Director of Photography from 2001 until 2007 when he desired a new outlet for his creativity.

Paul has been published in magazines and newspapers around the world including Sports Illustrated, Time, US News and World Report, Mens Journal and the New York Times Magazine. His photographs have illustrated the covers of many books on subjects such as the Los Angeles Lakers, Air Force One, and the Oval Office. His images are on display in the Smithsonian Institution.

Recent clients include the Brookings Institute, The Clinton Global Initiative, International Finance Corporation and ING DIRECT.

Prior to the White House, Paul worked at the Los Angeles Times as a staff photographer for six years, covering sports, news, and the entertainment industry. His career began at the Pasadena Star-News after receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University Long Beach. Paul is an adjunct professor at the Corcoran School of Art.